The aims and priniciples of korp! Revelia

Korp! Revelia helps our members grow into honest, responsible and nationally-minded academic youths who apply their knowledge and skills towards improving the lives of Estonians, both spiritually and materially.

Korp! Revelia offers students an opportunity to organize – to network, and to be a part of a friendly society.

Through cooperation, korp! Revelia helps to preserve Estonia, its language, culture and people.

Korp! Revelia helps to preserve student traditions, and to secure that the achievements of our founders and later members live on.

Fraternity member leads a song.
Fraternity member holding a rapier.

The motto of korp! Revelia is Üks kõige – kõik ühe eest! (One for everything – all for one), it symbolizes the pledge we took to remain a brotherhood – not only of our own, but a brotherhood of all Estonians – till death. Every Revelian will hold true to the principle that the Estonian language, and a sense of Estonianness shall guide our way (poetic in original Estonian: Eesti keel ja eesti meel, meil olgu saatjaiks teel).

Korp! Revelia was founded on the principle of exclusivity, meaning that if an individual belongs to one official student corporation of Estonia, they are excluded from joining another. It is governed by firm rules and a principle of age, which are, and must be, strictly obeyed by all.

Members of korp! Revelia are required to exhibit strong cohesion, have a sense of duty, a social upbringing, display dignified conduct and have a serious attitude towards studies.

Every member of korp! Revelia is required to develop mutual respect, a sense of duty towards fellow members, and to firmly defend the honor of korp! Revelia and every single one of its members.

Growing up with a newly independent Estonia, korp! Revelia has since its establishment put emphasis on freedom of personality and the principle of individuality, through which its members become self-confident, determined and responsible.

Korp! Revelia is an apolitical organization. The student corporation does not, actively, participate in politics, but every member has the right to develop their own views – except when they oppose democratic principles or support a dictatorial world view.

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Fraternity member leads a song.
Fraternity member holding a rapier.
Fraternity flag guard.