What is korp! Revelia?

Revelia is a traditional student corporation. It was established in 1920 after Estonia won the Estonian War of Independence.

Our traditions, however, originate from older Estonian and Baltic German student organizations. The official term for our organization – korporatsioon, or korp! for short – also has its roots in German. The latter term will be used throughout the page interchangeably with the term “student corporation”.

The organization is comprised of male Estonian students and alumni (over 160 members in total).

The main convent is located in Tartu, Estonia, but active convents can also be found in Tallinn, Estonia and in Toronto, Canada.

How to join?

In each semester, korp! Revelia holds guests' nights where you can see the fraternity life with your own eyes.

If interested, please write us at vanamees@revelia.ee.

"I joined Revelia in 2007, just as I had entered the university. What I value most about the fraternity, is the unity of mind, which means that whatever happens, we'll always be there for each other and for the brotherhood."

— Tanel, 2007-II

"During my sixth semester at the university I decided to visit the guests' nights. I went to different fraternities but my favorite was korp! Revelia. Revelia is relatively small but big enough. Everyone knows everyone."

— Edgar, 2015-I

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