Korp! Revelia uses traditional student organization symbols. Symbolic attire, badges and signatures express our principles and also help to identify Revelians on street or at a festive event. The central part of the symbols are the colors, about which you can read more from the history page.


The most noticeable symbol is the tekkel, or student cap (from German word Deckel). The fuxes (younger members; the word comes from German Fuchs) have black caps and the colorbearers' cap (members who have earned the right to wear colors) is three-colored — the base color is green, other colors are black and white.

Color band

In addition to the tekkel, every colorbearer also wears a three-colored band over the chest. Color bands differ in width, depending on the type of clothing with which they are worn and the type of event where they are worn. Some colorbearers also have color bands from our friendship organizations.

Badge, ring

Colorbearers can also optionally wear chest badges with and rings with the symbols of the organization. The senior (chairman) of the organization also has a special, larger version of the badge.


An original, traditional symbol is the sirkel (from German word Zirkel). It is comprised of intertwined lines, followed by an exclamation mark. Fuxes wear it on their cap. It also appears as a written signature in guestbooks and other official documents.

The flag

One of the main symbol is, of course, the flag. The flag uses the colors of the organization and it is usually used at public events to represent the corporation. On a daily basis, the flag resides on our convent house.

Šärp, rapier

At public events, the flag is always guarded by the flag guard. The flag guard is comprised of three colorbearers who wear special extra-wide bands, called šärp (from German word Schärpe). They also wear ceremonial swords, called rapiers. Historically known duels using the rapiers are not common nowadays.