The convent house in Tartu was built in 1903, it was designed by F. Hübbe and is a fine example of historicism. The building was used for residential purposes after World War II, the alumni of fraternity Revelia reacquired the building in 2001 and korp! Revelia finally returned to the building in the spring of 2008.


Korp! Revelia offers its rooms for rent in its convent at Veski 45, specifically, the large hall with secondary rooms on the second floor as well as the basement hall. The second floor hall features a stage, a bar and a kitchen as well use of the cloakroom and bathrooms. The hall is suitable for a maximum of 70 people. The basement hall is suitable for smaller gatherings, maximum 40 people. It is possible to use the sauna for an additional fee.

For booking, pricing and specific questions, contact us at rent@revelia.ee.

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